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What is Wives Behind the Badge, Inc?

With 12,000 followers on our Facebook Page, many of you are new here and may not know exactly what WBTB is.  I can give you our canned response: Wives Behind the Badge, Inc. is an all-volunteer national non-profit organization, with 501c(3) status that is dedicated providing support and resources to the law enforcement community.

But that doesn’t scratch the surface.

We are the loved ones of the warriors that hold the blue line.  We are the spouses, the fiancés, the girlfriends, of those who serve and protect.  Our sister program, Families Behind the Badge is comprised of the mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers of those same men and women.


When my husband is out on a dangerous call WBTB is the quiet voice on the other end of the phone telling me stay calm, reassuring me he will be ok.  When the nights get long and lonely WBTB is the words on the screen reminding me that I am not alone.


When a law enforcement officer is killed or injured, WBTB is the hundreds of emails, messages, text messages and phone calls that begin flying across the country asking one simple question, “How can we help?”  When tragedy strikes the volunteers of WBTB are the tireless crusaders for the fallen, for the injured and for their families.  They do not rest until they are sure they have offered every bit of help they are capable of offering.


When joyous occasions arise the sisters of WBTB are most often the first I tell.  When a baby is born, that baby has surrogate aunts across the country.  When Christmas rolls around my mailbox overflows with cards and tokens from my WBTB sisters.  When I’m feeling down a message from them never fails to perk me up.


So often I feel that WBTB is the slightly lighter, slightly softer blue line; the one right at the edges of the hard blue line, the one that holds the blue line together.  We are the rock solid support for the men and women that face everyone’s nightmares every day.  We may be softer, we may be prettier, but we are just as strong as those that we support.


WBTB is family.  They say blood is thicker than water, and I am here to tell you, blue blood is nationwide and as thick as it gets.

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