Blue Line Kids

On Saturday, October 26, eleven year old Andrew sustained a skull fracture as a result of an accident at a baseball field near Charleston, West Virginia.  Andrew's dad Eric, an officer with Nitro Police Department, and his mom Sara, a volunteer with the West Virginia Auxiliary of Wives Behind the Badge, Inc. have spent countless hours by his side at the hospital.  Andrew's depressed skull fracture has been treated with four plates and ten screws to reshape and prevent an indentation.  He also received stitches to repair a wound on his right temple.

The West Virginia Auxiliary of Wives Behind the Badge, Inc. immediately pulled together to provide Eric and Sara with a hospital survival basket, as well as emotional support.  As an organization striving to provide support for law enforcement officers and their families, Wives Behind the Badge, Inc. has also created an account where donations can be made to provide financial support to the family, which will assist with medical and other related expenses as Andrew recovers.


When Families Behind the Badge was created, in the spring of 2011, Wives Behind the Badge wanted to also create a safe, and fun, environment for the children of law enforcement officers. We wanted a place, a forums section on the Wives Behind the Badge forums, for kids ages 9 to 17, where the kids could safely gather, to meet other kids living the same lives they live, as police kids. After much thought and consideration, Blue Line Kids was born.

Blue Line Kids is not only a forum, but also a program centered around the lives of police kids. Through our forums and local events, we hope to create a fun, educational, and supportive group where our kids feel comfortable and welcome and find lasting friendships.

If your child would like to become a Blue Line Kids member, please complete the membership application and email it to the address below. Blue Line Kids Forums Application.

For questions, concerns, or comments, please contact our Blue Line Kids Director, Kathy, at