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Officer Spires with the Orlando Police Department lost his wife this week shortly after she gave birth to their twin daughters.  Officer Spires is left to raise the twins, along with their older daughter and son.  Wives Behind the Badge has partnered with the Police Wife Life to help Officer Spires and his young family during this difficult time.  Along with your love and prayers any donation would help.

Here are the ways you can help:

    • Items like clothes and necessities for infants such as diapers, wipes and enfamil brand formula, or giftcards can be sent to:
      Ofcr Spires family
      attention of Lt. Pursley
      Orlando Police Dept
      100 S. Hughey Ave
      Orlando, FL 32801
    • The Police Wife Life was able to locate the Spires’ family registry, it can be found by clicking here and searching for their last name, Spires, in Florida
    • Click the “Donate” button below.  All donations will go directly to the Spires family and are completely tax deductible

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