Life Behind the Badge: Remember Them

Have seen a lot of praises for our law enforcement men and women lately and that really makes me happy to see.  To give them the credit for getting the people responsible for the bombing and the shooting of a police officer is only part of what they deserve.  They deserve our utmost thanks and respect for the type of job they do.  When I hear naysayers out there in my own neighborhood bashing my husband and his brothers in blue, my heart breaks.  They are our protection against the evil of the world and to make it so that they are the enemy is crossing the line.

The snide remarks and spitting is just part of what they have to deal with on a daily basis.  The other hard part is knowing that there are people that would just rather put their head in the sand and say, “Oh, that was sad about that officer dying.  When is the next game on?”  Things like that may be said as a joke or as an off the cuff comment but when a family of a police officer hears that, it rips us to the core.  They are not just men and women that go out and take care of business.  They are also husbands, wives, sisters and brothers.  They are people who actually care a lot about our country as a whole and want to make it better by taking out the riffraff of the community, one criminal at a time.  Of course, there is no way they can rid society of this infestation but they at least feel it is their duty.

A wise man once said that when men and women go in the academy, they go in wanting to be of service to their fellow man.  They aren’t hardened by life and the nastiness that is out there.  It is when they are an officer that they are faced with this distortion of life and begin to change.  We take good men and women and throw them into the pit of society because that is what they feel is their calling.  (Clark and Tracie Paris of Pain Behind the Badge).

Let us remember that our officers are not robots living a life of no feelings.  They have a heart and a family.  Remember that the next time you feel like making a comment about them.  Their families love them more than words can express and we need to make sure we hold them up like we did right after the bombing suspect was taken into custody.  We should be celebrating them everyday!  The month of May is a great time to do this!  Take the time this month to celebrate our LEO’s.  Let them feel special, even if it is a shake of the hand, a smile and a thank you, or a good cup of coffee.  Their families will thank you.

Kristen Wallitner has been in love and married to her LEO husband for 16 years and they have 2 children, ages 8 and 5.  They do a lot of hiking and outdoor things as a family.  Kristen is also very interested in running, gardening, writing, and cooking, studying her Bible, and spending time with family.