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Wives Behind the Badge, Inc. is proud to sponsor an amazing class for officers, spouses, and other family members. P.O.L.I.C.E. Families is a class that gives all law enforcement families, not just police officers, tools to use to incorporate family life with the LE lifestyle following an outline based on the acronym of P.O.L.I.C.E. and the motto Protect and Serve. Law enforcement of all kinds present challenges in family relationships that are unique form other occupations. Learning about each other and how to communicate with each other will strengthen the relationships (souses, parents, and friends) and offers a better chance the relationship will survive through those challenges.

Our goal in offering these classes is to present the families with basic tools to use and customize to their relationships to live life on their terms. Wouldn't it be nice to see law enforcement having one of the lowest divorce rates of all occupations? P.O.L.I.C.E. Families was designed by WBTB’s chaplain, Mendi Keatts, during her Master’s program for Mental Health Counseling. She and her husband – a Roanoke Virginia Police Lieutenant with 18 years on the job – worked together to get the class started in their academy. She wanted to create something more effective for her husband’s department’s academy than just a Lt. offering the spouses an education session on the behavior changes an officer experiences in the academy that they would have to learn to deal with and adjust to. Relationships, especially marriages, work best when both individuals give 100% to the relationship. One person doing all the accommodating for another creates resentment and tension. Therefore, the class is presented by a husband and wife who work together and share their own successes and failures in a casual atmosphere for the officers and any family members who wish to attend. In an effort to make family life work with the class presentation, children are made to feel welcome with snacks and activities. Since its initial presentation in Roanoke, Virginia, the class has also been presented in California at the Back the Badge conference by the WBTB Vice President Amanda Pekarek and with other individual officers and spouses across the country both in person and via Skype. After attending the class and training to present, Melisa Cross (Oklahoma Auxiliary Director of WBTB and Auxiliary Coordinator) and her husband Butch (Lahoma Police Chief) have spearheaded its accreditation for Oklahoma as Mental Health Continuing Education Units, starting a trend to do so in all states. Butch and Melisa both stated that even after 20 years of marriage, they learned some things and found it a valuable experience. Contact us here for more info.


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