Introducing: Families Behind the Badge

Wives Behind the Badge, Inc. is excited to announce the addition of a new online support forum called Families Behind the Badge.  FBTB is designed to offer the support our main WBTB forums offer to the extended family members of law enforcement officers.  All family members are welcome – parents, grandparents, siblings, children (over the age of 18), cousins, etc. And just like our current forums, verified membership will be an option! We are also excited to announce the staff line-up for Families Behind the Badge: Jessie Le Boeuf – As our current Director of Web Services, Jessie handles the technical maintenance and set-up for our online forums and website. 

Jessie has been hard at work preparing the new FBTB forums and getting things ready for our new staff.  Thank you, Jessie! Stacey Smith – As our current Forums Administrator and HALOS Coordinator, Stacey will expand her work to cover the new FBTB forums.  She has been hard at work training the new staff members and preparing the new forums.  Thank you, Stacey! Mendi Keatts – The beautiful logo for Families Behind the Badge is a result of Mendi's hard work and long hours.  We are blessed to have Mendi expand her role as our Member Liason to cover the new FBTB forums and FBTB members!  Thank you, Mendi! Stacy S. – Stacy is a current moderator on WBTB and will continue her duties at FBTB.  She has also graciously accepted the role of Big Sister/Big Brother Coordinator for the new forums.  Thank you so much, Stacy! Shelley F. – As a former WBTB moderator, Shelley brings her insight and experience over to help the new FBTB staff and the new FBTB members.  Shelley is an amazing volunteer and has been a wonderful part of the WBTB family!  Thank you, Shelley! Bonnie S. – As a new CHP Mom, Bonnie is excited to reach out to her growing law enforcement family!  She joins our FBTB staff as a moderator and will no doubt be an amazing mentor to many!  Thank you, Bonnie! Shealean C. – Shealean is also joining the WBTB family as a new FBTB moderator.  As a current law enforcement wife, former dispatcher, and sister to a fallen hero, Shealean offers a truly unique perspective on life in a law enforcement family.  Thank you, Shealean! Thank you to our amazing Families Behind the Badge staff!  We are now officially accepting new registrations and we cannot wait to meet our new members! Please click the link below and register today to join in the discussions, support, fun, and WBTB/FBTB family!

Families Behind the Badge Support Forums

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