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Thank you for helping us celebrate our birthday!  Click below to purchase one, two, up to five candles to celebrate the LEO in your life!  You MUST add your message in PayPal, otherwise, we will light the candle(s) as a general Happy Birthday from you.  If you are purchasing more than one candle and wish to provide separate messages, simply indicate them with "Message 1", "Message 2" and so on.  You will see the add message box to the right BEFORE checkout.    





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Happy Birthday, WBTB!
From ~ Derek, Jan, Lacey & Charlie
Thank you for being our hero, daddy!
Love ~Audrey & Amelia
To my husband, Kenny, I love you more today than yesterday and tomorrow still, always have, always will! ~LaDonna

I love you daddy!
our ladybug

bluecandle bluecandle bluecandle bluecandle
Happy Birthday WBTB!!!!! Love this organization and all those in it!

We love you, daddy!
~Wyatt & Jacob
Happy Birthday WBTB!!! You bring our LEO families together!! ~ Tabitha To my husband Charles, thank you for all that you do for our families and others. I love you!!

bluecandle bluecandle bluecandle bluecandle2
We love you Daddy!
Love, Jordan and Kaden
We love you Uncle Kyle!
Love, Jordan and Kaden
I love you Bradley! Thank you for everything you do for us!
Love, Brooke
We love you Leif for all you are and all you do for our family! You are our hero!!
Love, Becka & Susie


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Happy Birthday, WBTB! I'm so happy to have my "sisters!"
Love, Parker
Happy birthday, WBTB! Thank you for supporting my daddy. Love, Avery Happy birthday, WBTB! So proud to be a wife behind the badge.
Love, Parker
Happy Birthday WBTB! Thanks for all that you do to support police wives and the thin blue line family!
Carolyn Whiting and Carolyn Laroche Authors of The Crazy Lives of Police Wives


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Happy birthday WBTB! 
Robert, Jessica, Abby and Tyler

Happy Birthday, WBTB!
Love, Sara
Happy Birthday, WBTB!
Love, Tandra
Happy Birthday, WBTB!
Love, Butch & Melisa


Thank you for all that you do, Butch!
I love you!