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Getting to Know You: Coreen Kachermeyer

State: New York

Position with WBTB: Board of Directors, Forums Big Sister

Family: just my husband and me and three furbabies.  Hoping that will change soon!
Interests or Hobbies: I am a huge knitter/spinner – spin my own yarn, figure skating
Talents: see interests or hobbies!
Occupation: Insurance – commercial lines
Greatest Achievement: Went pro with figure skating – skated in an ice show in Georgia
Favorite Food: Doritos! 
Three things I would want if I were stranded on a desert island: Knitting needles & yarn, wine, fire wood
Secret crush: Vin Diesel

Coreen B&W

Getting to Know You: Brandi Ober

State: Delaware

Position with WBTB: National Forums Coordinator

Family: Husband – Dave, Daugher – Marley, Furbabies – Samson, Delilah and K9 Ary

Interests or Hobbies: Gardening, Cooking, Sewing

Talents: OMG!  I don't know – LOL!

Occupation: Delaware State Police Telecommunications Specialist (dispatcher/911 operator)

Greatest Achievement: becoming a mother

Favorite Food: Sushi

Three things I would want if I were stranded on a desert island: husband, daughter, cell phone

Secret Crush: Brian Urlacher

Brandi B&W

Getting to Know You: Jan Miller

State – West Virginia 

Position with WBTB – West Virginia Auxiliary Director, East Coast Regional Auxiliary Assistant

Family – Derek (husband), Lacey (10), Charlie (11 months)

Intersts or Hobbies – reading, shopping traveling

Talents – I can sleep just about anywhere and through anything (Derek would call this my talent)

Occupation – Admin

Greatest Achievement – without a doubt, being a mom

Favorite Food – My mother-in-law's baked steak and gravy.  I could eat it every day.

Three things I would want if I were stranded on a desert island – coffee, my family, a treehouse like Swiss Family Robinson

Secret crush – Before I met my hot hubby, I was totally in love with the guy who played in the Rocketeer (1991 Disney movie)



Getting to Know You: Amanda Pekarek

State – California

Position with WBTB – Vice President, National H.A.L.O.S. Coordinator,
P.O.L.I.C.E. Family Training Facilitator

Family – Husband Brandon, daughters Kennedie and Frankie and son Brandon

Interests or hobbies – Football, outdoor activities with the family, charity work and just recently have begun to enjoy baking/cooking as a stress reliever

Talents – Make up artist

Occupation – Business-owner, make-up artist

My dream vacation would be – Australia or Africa

My super power is – Extremely good at defusing hostile or stressful situations

Something you can do better than your spouse/significant other – Sports games on Wii

My greatest achievement has been – My children and designing my own cosmetic line

Something that no one knows about me is – I am deathly afraid of spiders, but love snakes

My favorite food is – Sushi

Three things I would want if I were stranded on a desert island are – sushi, iPhone, Malibu rum

My secret crush is – Ryan Hurst














Getting to Know You: LaDonna Kay

State – North Carolina

Position(s) with WBTB – Board Member, National Volunteer Coordinator 

Family – I have been married for 10 years, my husband is a Master Deputy with Wake County Sheriffs Office.  We have a beautiful 5 year old little girl named Mackenzie Layne. 

Interests or hobbies – I am a HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers fan….. and I do mean HUGE.  We are highly superstitious, we have to wear the same clothes, sit in the same seats, high five in a certain order… all of it!  We have a Steelers room and we have and WILL keep newbies out because they are bad luck.

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Getting to Know You: Rose Winick

Since Rose is the founder of our organization, we are featuring her on this page for the whole month of July! We asked Rose to give us a little history of how she started Wives Behind The Badge and this is what she told us:

"I started Wives Behind the Badge after a smaller group I joined shut down. A handful of girls (some of them still members/staff to this day) from the other group started a Yahoo group to keep the support going. After a while WBTB was born. After reading a post where a member was looking to find equipment for her husband we were called into action to find other ways to help our LE community. He was an officer in a small department and they did not supply officers with equipment. She was looking specifically for a ballistics vest. This prompted us to look into other ways of helping our LE community, which is why we became non-profit." Read More


Getting to Know You: Jessie Le Boeuf

State – New Mexico

Position with WBTB – Web & Forum Administrator

Family – My hubby is Ronald. We have been together for almost 29 years. We have 3 children and 5 beautiful grand daughters Interests or hobbies – I love working as the WBTB Administrator.  I’ve always enjoyed computer programing, and working with PSP editing graphics. That helps me relax. We recently bought a Harley so we enjoy going for rides every chance that we get.

Talents – Not so sure on Talents!

Occupation – When I’m not working on the WBTB forums, I work my part time job as a Retail Sales Rep for various companies.

My dream vacation would be… taking my family to Disney World! I’d love that and so would they! Read More


Getting to Know You: Parker Sanchez

State – New Jersey

Position with WBTB – National Special Events Coordinator 

Family – My husband of 7 years is Pablo Sanchez (Sergeant, Warren County Sheriff’s Department – Division of Corrections). We have an English bulldog named Folsom who was Mr. December in the 2011 WBTB Puppies Behind the Badge calendar. Interests or hobbies – I have a B.A. in American Studies and a M.A. in American History, and I love reading historical non-fiction and fiction and watching historical documentaries. Pablo and I enjoy target shooting (handgun and rifle) at our local sportsmen’s club and playing Spanish card games like Escoba and Chichon. I love watching and competing in pageants (I was Mrs. New Jersey 2008). And of course, I love dancing! 

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Getting to Know You: Kathy Everman

State – Indiana

Your position with WBTB – Blue Line Kids, Families Behind the Badge, Indiana Director

Family – Husband David, Victoria (14), Vanessa (9)

Interests or hobbies – I collect angels.  I like to cook and bake.  I also enjoy being creative, and making personalize gifts for friends and family.

Talents – Cooking/baking, candlewicking/embroidering, and/or anything I can be creative with

Occupation – Secretary at Decatur Central High School

My dream vacation would be … To go back to the Florida Keys with David, for at least a week instead of just a weekend this time.  Or to visit Australia.

My super power is … helping others.

Something you can do better than your spouse/significant other … Nothing, really.  We each have our own strengths and weaknesses.

My greatest achievement has been … My marriage and children.

Something that no one knows about me is … I’m left handed.

My favorite food is … Seafood, Italian food, Sweets

Three things I would want if I was stranded on a desert island are … David, Victoria, and Vanessa

My secret crush is … I really don’t have one. 


Getting to Know You: Joy Kuoha

State – California

Position with WBTB – National Blog Coordinator

Family – We have 5 kids – Chris (32), Misty (32), Tony (28), Brittany (21), and Jacob (19), as well as 3 grandkids.

Interest or hobbies – I love to do digital scrapbooking, photography, gardening, and swimming.

Talents – I am a singer and have been in 3 rock bands in the past, performed professionally as a wedding singer with my brother for years, and now just sing at church. I also am a writer and am working on my life story right now.

Occupation – I am a graphic designer and computer programmer, but right now I am working as a web designer. I also sell Mary Kay on the side and I promote Visalus health products.

My greatest achievement has been … I would have to say my family. I love my husband and kids so much and they are the highlight of my life. Nothing else can compare.

My dream vacation would be … I have always wanted to go to Paris, so that would be my first stop, but we are planning on taking a world cruise when DH finally retires… Read More

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