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The Wives Behind the Badge, Inc. Endowment Challenge will build the financial capacity of the organization's valued programs to continue to provide services and support in all states WBTB is represented in by an auxiliary.

Our programs and services run by our dedicated volunteer staff and includes HALOS (Helping Aid Lost Offices’ Survivors), Families Behind the Badge, Blue Line Kids, KARE (K9 Assistance Resources Education), Scholarships, Online Forums, POLICE family training.

HALOS (Helping Aid Lost Officers’ Survivors) © ™ – Offers sympathy and support in the event of a line of duty or off duty law enforcement or K9 officer death or injury. A beautiful condolence or support card is sent to each family with the contact information for a volunteer (HALOS Angel) who is ready to help with any support needed. Through our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, for each year of service a tree is planted in one of the nationally endangered and protected forests in honor of a fallen officer killed in the line of duty. Our vision is that no family faces these situations alone.

Online Forums – these are the backbone of our organization and they supply a secure and friendly place to enjoy the company and fellowship of other law enforcement families. Verified members are welcomed to the secure side where they are safe from hackers and predators. Verification is completed by submitting a verification application the President then verifies the credentials of the officer and relationship to the member.

Families Behind the Badge © ™ – Provides the same support and resources including a separate and secure support forums for family members of officers such as husbands, parents, grandparents, siblings, and children.

Blue Line Kids © ™ – Our online BLK forums are closely monitored by staff and completely hidden from the rest of the forums population to offer a safe online environment for minor children of law enforcement. Games, contests, and activates are just some of the things this program offers to children of law enforcement. We are working to have members of BLK work in their schools with the School Safety Officer on anti-bullying campaigns and at risk peer mentoring.

Scholarships are currently offered to children, spouses, and life partners of officers. These scholarships are aimed to promote higher education of children and spouses. This program continues to grow and expand and the number of scholarships offered per year has increased.

KARE (K9 Assistance Resources Education) © – Our KARE program is currently undergoing a makeover. We hope to launch this great program in the spring of 2013. This program will provide vests to K9 officers, heat alarms, and assist in the retirement, training, and acquisition.

State Auxiliary Committees – The auxiliaries act as extensions of the corporate offices located in California. Each are registered within their state to conduct business and fund raise to provide programs and services at a local level. Today WBTB has auxiliary chapters in most states and in the Philippines. Each auxiliary is lead by a director who oversees volunteers in their area. The auxiliaries participate in various activities such as critical incident support, appreciation projects for officers and agencies, plan events for spouses and families, speak to agencies and families, assist with graduations and events, and fundraising projects.

POLICE family training – This training course is taught by our trained staff and provides education to both the new and veteran families in the subject of law enforcement family dynamics and support. This course is certified in several states and we are currently working to have it certified nationally. The law enforcement lifestyle is unique and when you add a spouse and family into this it can become challenging and very rewarding but it is not without complications. Shift work, working holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, physical and emotional demands during stressful call outs, long hours, court, all of these add challenges the average family does not experience. This training course helps families set up their core support foundation so they can as partners work through the difficult distractions and appreciate their lifestyle.

Wives Behind the Badge, Inc. is proud of the programs and services we provide to the law enforcement community. We strive to serve a positive voice for law enforcement in the communities and to help foster a better relationship with community members. We will continue to grow our programs to offer more services and resources for law enforcement families. We are bonded by our lives, one family, one vision, one badge.

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Oklahoma Stay Strong

Help Oklahoma Stay Strong

Wives Behind the Badge, Inc. Oklahoma Auxiliary is working to assist the law enforcement families affected by the horrific tornado in Oklahoma.

Natural disasters are an unpredictable part of life and often come with a high cost. The nation and the families united in blue sit fixed on the news watching the storm’s path and all of the recovery efforts; many worried for their loved ones who may still be missing, and the first responders that are working around the clock to locate the missing and assist the injured. Now is the time to band together for support and comfort. Many law enforcement families have been left with no home and very few personal possessions.

We ask families of officers and communities to stand together as a whole for their officers and their public servants to help those in need get back on their feet. All donations will be used to assist law enforcement families during the recovery.

To donate through Paypal

Also available is an online fundraising site – Visit Crowd Rise – Oklahoma Auxiliary Fundraiser

If you would like to assist further, please contact us via email at and we can direct you to further assist and coordinate with our auxiliaries to ensure aid is directed to the areas that are in need.

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