Wives Behind the Badge has helped me realize that I am not alone in so many different ways. There are so many emotions, job related issues, hazards etc. that we as wives, girlfriends and fiances go through and with Wives behind the badge it makes dealing with those emotions, etc that much easier to deal with. It certainly helps to know that there are other women out there feeling the same way or those that have been in our shoes. I really don't know how I lived without them for the past 9 years! WBTB is not only a support group for so many wives, girlfriends and fiances, but friends that will last a lifetime! If I haven't said it before I LOVE YOU gals!!!!
Ariel – Pennsylvania



I really didn't think I was missing anything not having a police wives support group. Then a friend was browsing MySpace and pointed me to WBTB. I have been hooked ever since. I didn't know what I was missing! I have been less stressed having ladies to talk to that know what I am talking about and dealing with and my husband has been very happy with that too since I am not being upset with him about his work nearly as much as I was before my friends here!
Mendi – Virginia



I would get so tired of hearing aren't you worried about him being shot, how can you stand his hours, I could never be married to a cop….then I found WBTB and realized I was no longer alone.
Jen – Florida



I have met new friends and have support from other women who understand what it is like to be on the "other" side of law enforcement. I love WBTB and all of my friends from all over the country and other countries I have met on here. I enjoy the support and friendship I have received from WBTB.
Brandi – Missouri



If you are looking for "sisters" who really understand what it is like to be the supporter "behind the badge". WBTB is the site to find it on. WBTB has everything I have been looking for and then some, support, friendship and trust. This is the greatest site on the web for police wives. The friendships I have made here are will last forever.
DeAnna – Alabama



Wives Behind the Badge is much more then a support group, we are a family. We all can laugh, cry, giggle and listen to each other. My heart is so full of love and support because of my WBTB sisters. I know that they will always be there for me and my whole family. WBTB has produced some of my best friendships ever.
Beck – Nevada



I finally feel like I fit in somewhere, and have friends that understand what my life is like. Thank you WBTB!
Kathy – Indiana



I don't have any friends locally who are married to Law Enforcement Officers, so I searched for support on-line and boy did I hit the Jackpot with WBTB! This wonderful group of women has fulfilled my life in many ways. Not only do we speak with our "Sisters" online, but some of us arrange meetings with one-another, speak on the phone and even remember each other during the Holiday Season! WBTB is an invaluable resource, I have come here to share stories that make people laugh, cry or shake there heads in disappointment, but the best part – none of the women here are surprised about the things I speak of! They have all been there before in there experiences of being married to a cop. There is nothing better than knowing that someone really understands. In my world, I hear a lot of "Aren't you scared he'll die?" "Aren't you worried he'll cheat?" "I could NEVER be married to a cop! What are you thinking supporting him in this career change?" It gets exhausting sometimes, but here I get a breath of fresh air! Thank you WBTB for ALL you do to support us through everyday of our relationships!
Charity – Canada



For me…it's knowing that I can come to a place with no judgment, a place I can come to where other women completely understand what it is to be married into LE. I've shared joys, tears, and laughter with these great women of WBTB…it's a safe haven for all!
Stephanie – Alabama



WBTB is a place that I can "hang" and have a great time while he's at work. I am no longer counting the minutes away on the clock when he's away. Instead I'm laughing/crying/bonding with women that understand how difficult being an LEO's significant other can be.
Joanna – New York



There are so many times when I have a stupid question, just needed to vent, or was worried and felt I had no one to talk to. And then I found WBTB. I know I can count on these women for anything, no matter how big or how insignificant it may be. They have lifted me up in times of stress, and brought me back down to earth when I felt like I was going a little nuts! They have worried with me, and they have been mad with me. Each and every one of them is different, but we all share a common bond. We disagree at times, but no matter what we are there for each other. I'm not quite sure how I functioned before I came here… WBTB has truly enriched my life and brought me lifelong friendships that I cherish.
Erica – Tennessee



Never before have I found a place where so many women, from such different backgrounds, situations and parts of the country (and world!) are united as sisters by one common thread – being a Police Wife. And by "Police Wife" I mean wife, girlfriend, fiance or life partner. We are all very different, but our common situation has brought us together as sisters who can laugh, cry, joke and survive together. Knowing that I have a safe place to come when I need anything at all from my sisters has changed my life; and I am also so proud of the work we are doing to reach out to police families everywhere. I cherish the day I found WBTB and it will be an important part of my life forever.
Heather – Arizona



Before Wives Behind the Badge – I felt like I had lost my husband and was mourning the marriage and family life we once had. I had no enthusiasm for his change in career and felt like I was in competition with the academy. I felt alone, tired, worried and stressed being home virtually alone with two young children. When I joined, he was just about to graduate and I really had no idea what to expect next. I started at the right time because, FTO was surprisingly more stressful than the academy. The ladies on the site were my sanity. They helped me embrace this knew life- who knew that being a police family had some perks! I was worried about him and his safety and they walked me through it. Now I find myself walking other new police families through the first night they are on their own or similar stresses. I am forever thankful for the friendships I have made!
Amy – MN



Wives Behind the Badge means the absolute world to me. I not only have friends all around the States and even Canada and England, but they are also my sisters. Someone is always available no matter what time it is! Who can actually say that at 2am there is someone up and ready and waiting to hear me vent, laugh, make me smile, etc. WBTB is not only a forum but it is a sisterhood…it makes me feel apart of a group just like our LEO's are part of a brotherhood. Police wives need to stick together through the good times and bad, and WBTB is just that place!!
Jess – New York

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