Our Auxiliaries

For more information on our State Auxiliaries, please email, or visit our State Auxiliary Page to contact the Director in your area.

LaDonna KayNational Volunteer Coordinator
Sara DitwilerQuad 1 West Regional Volunteer Coordinator
Brooke LoweQuad 2 Central Regional Volunteer Coordinator
Nancy SilvaQuad 3 East Regional Volunteer Coordinator
Kris BrookeOverflow Volunteer Coordinator (all quads)
Jan MillerEast Coast Regional Auxiliary Assistant
Melisa CrossWest Coast Regional Auxiliary Assistant

Our Forums

Our forums are the heart and soul of WBTB.  We offer Families Behind the Badge, Blue Line Kids and of course, our support forum for wives and significant others.

Michelle RomanowskiForums Director
Jessie LeBoeufWeb & Forums Administrator
Anne BodieModerator – WBTB
Cindy BroasModerator – WBTB
Melisa Cross: Moderator – BLK
Kathy Everman: Moderator – BLK, FBTB
Jeannine GolpeModerator – WBTB
Elizabeth KarpinskiModerator – WBTB
Mendi Keatts: Moderator – WBTB, BLK, FBTB
Michelle Romanowski: Moderator – WBTB, Big Sister Coordinator
Stacy Simons: Big Sister Coordinator, Member Services

Deanna WilliamsModerator – WBTB

For more information about our Forums, please email  

Fundraising & Events

Our Fundraising & Events Coordinators manage all fundraisers and events and work directly with State Directors and Volunteers to ensure a seamless process.

Parker SanchezNational Events Coordinator

Grants & Sponsorships

The Grants & Sponsorships Staff work to secure grant funding for the organization and seek out sponsorship opportunities that will provide financial assistance when needed.   

Brooke Freeman: National Fundraising/Sponsorship Director
OPENNational Grants Officer 1
OPEN: National Grants Officer 2
OPEN: National Grants Officer 3

WBTB operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  To make a donation, please click here or email to speak with a qualified staff person who can answer any questions you may have.  

Marketing & Media

Our Marketing & Media Team works around the clock, from coast-to-coast, to ensure material is kept recent and up-to-date.  This includes our Auxiliary Facebook pages, Twitter, Shield Magazine and the website.  For questions or comments, please email our Director below.

Juli McCoy: Director of Communications and Public Affairs
Molly Bowe – Webmaster, North Central IT Coordinator
Noelle ButlerNational Twitter Coordinator
Cara Carl – #notjustacop Coordinator, South Central IT Coordinator
anielle Disch – National Instagram Coordinator, Southeast IT Coordinator
Erin Kutter – Northwest IT Coordinator
Laura Ownbey – Southwest IT Coordinator
Kelley Shirley – Northeast IT Coordinator

The Shield Magazine

Melisa CrossEditor
Noelle ButlerAssistant Editor, Writer
Cara Carl, Contributor
Karen Cimming, Contributor
Randi Ewing, Contributor
Christy Faber, Contributor
Danielle Disch, Graphics Contributor

Our Programs

WBTB has a variety of programs designed to support law enforcement officers and their families.  For more information on any of our programs, please click the links provided below.

Blue Line Kids
Brooke LoweDirector

HALOS (Helping Aide Lost Officers' Survivors)
Melisa CrossNational HALOS Director
Beth Donahue, Central HALOS Coordinator
Erin Kutter, Blue Line Kids HALOS Coordinator
Jan Miller, East Coast HALOS Coordinator     
Niki Talent, West Coast HALOS Coordinator
Molly Bowe, HALOS Memorials
Jennifer Montey, HALOS Memorials

Stacy Simons: National Scholarships Coordinator

Open Positions

Wives Behind the Badge, Inc. is in need of those who are able to give their time and talent to our cause.  If you, or someone you know, is interested in any of the following positions, please email us.  Job descriptions are available by clicking on the open position.  




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