How do I become a member of Wives Behind the Badge?

Join our online support forums and maintain an active membership there.  Or, register as a volunteer for our Auxiliary Committee or one of our programs, and commit regular volunteer hours to help Wives Behind the Badge.

Is there a cost or fee to join?

No.  We believe law enforcement families have enough financial strain already, so we do not charge a fee to join our support forums.  Wives Behind the Badge relies solely on donations, fundraisers, and special product sales to sustain all programs financially.  We encourage members to take part in fundraisers and make donations, but it is not a requirement.  We do not believe law enforcement families should have to pay in order to access the support we provide.

How can I help Wives Behind the Badge in my local area?

Volunteer for our Auxiliary Committee or with one of our regular programs.  Host a fundraiser in your hometown.  Help spread the word about our programs and resources.

Still have questions?  Email us at Info at WBTB

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